Term fees

FWG is committed to developing a fee model which is accessible to families who share its vision, regardless of their financial means. The annual fee for your child is comprised of

the annual base fee + an annual community fund contribution of £250.

The community fund contribution will go towards the fees for children from families with lower financial means.
Siblings – the social component is only paid for the first child.

You will be exempted from paying the community fund contribution by confirming an annual family income below £50k. In any other case the community fund contribution is an integral part of the annual fee.

The maximum yearly base fee is £5,310.

Note: The year consists of 33 weeks, and the maximum number of children that can enroll in the first year are 12.

Families with an annual income lower than £50k who firmly share FWG’s vision are also invited to propose contributing in kind. FWG will need to consider the possibilities for each application and is open to considering alternative means of ensuring access while contributing to the viability of the project. Suggestions for in-kind contributions include supervisor roles on trips, facilitating access to various spaces, preparation of food, procurement of materials and administrative tasks.