Our day to day

Daily routine

9:30am – Arrival and landing
10:00am – Morning meeting
10:30 – Free play and buzz projects
12:15 – Lunch is announced
14:15 – Closing circle and tidy up time
14:45 – Story time
15:00 – Pick up time

The morning meeting

The morning meeting is the heartbeat of our community. It takes place daily from 10-10:30 and is the only part of the day which everyone is expected to attend. This is the time when we check in, form our plans for the day, make proposals and work through obstacles together.

Conflict resolution

In amongst the flow of our day and our play, conflict sometimes happens. We have a number of ways to address conflict at FWG when it emerges. The very first step is to notice it. Just like a plant, or anything that grows, conflict has its beginnings. Being a small community, and having ample time to be together, to observe, to check in and check out, means that we aim to be tuned in to the dynamics in the space.


Mediation is the means by which the community at Free We Grow seeks to resolve conflict and differences in opinion which may affect individuals’ or group wellbeing. Mediation is a culture of talking about things. One of the key principles of this is to ‘make the implicit explicit’. When there is a problem, we name it or ask about it, talk it through and seek, together to find a resolution. As part of this, it is important to create safe spaces in which difficult topics can be named and shared. This culture flows at all levels of the organisation from the day to day with the children, amongst facilitators and the holding team, and with the wider community of parents and carers of Dacres Wood.