Library of Friends and Places

Our library of friends and places is our portal to the world and the world’s portal to us!

Many people join our library of friends, such as relatives, friends and neighbors. By joining our library of friends, we add you to our community mailing list and you’ll hear about all our upcoming events. You can also name your interest in joining and we can contact you when the opportunity arises. For example, we’ve had a local artist join who enjoys visiting the reserve to paint, a grandfather offering to support children with interest in building and construction, a science educator looking to pilot an immersive science project, and the London Wildlife Trust looking to install Hedgehog cameras and maintaining the pond. We bring these offers and opportunities up in the children’s meeting, and if there’s interest in hosting, we can arrange for it! The library of friends is a key way of enabling our hosting space and one of the ways that we are experimenting with the idea of a school without walls, and a means to enable the children to grow and learn in community and vice versa.

Our library of places is compendium of local places which we are slowly getting to know. It consists of community organizations, local amenities, museums, gardens, galleries, gardens, parks and nature reserves, wild urban niches and intentional public spaces!