Director recruitment

Come and be part of our sociocratic, self-directed education community!

There’s a vacancy on the Free We Grow holding team and we are delighted to open this up to individuals who may be interested in taking a more engaged role in ‘holding’ the project.

The Free We Grow holding team is a voluntary team of current and past parents and facilitators who put in extra time every month to support the management of the project. It’s a very rewarding and at times demanding role!  

The team is usually made up of about 7 members. At the end of the summer, Moneer Moukaddem, who had joined the team for one year, stepped down to focus on family and work commitments. He remains a supportive member of the parents’ circle. 

Moneer on a laptop in the park

 Here’s a message from Moneer about his time on the team:

As I conclude my time with Free We Grow’s holding team, I’m filled with gratitude for the relationships and lessons from this special community. It’s been a privilege to support a project that nurtures children with such care and warmth. I’ve learned so much from the authenticity and dedication of this team that truly “holds” our beloved project. My involvement will continue through the parent circles, which continue to grow closer and tighter. Though I will miss the check-ins and wiggly hand gestures of our holding-team meetings, which were some of the most productive yet connecting meetings in my life! Thank you for welcoming me into this community, where adults grow freely, too. I’ve changed for the better. See you all at drop-off!



There are currently 6 members of the FWG holding team. These are (from left to right in the photo) Sara Martins, Mariana Martins, Sara Asadullah, Rowan Salim, Yasmin Poyntz and Anna Hillier. 

Please feel free to email us or to approach any members of the team to enquire more about the position, and we invite expressions of interest by sending a cover letter to

You can find more information about the role in this pdf, but please note that, while it refers to our Finance and Legal team, we are flexible in terms of your specific areas of interest: Finance and Legal circle HT member.docx

We look forward to hearing from you!

The FWG holding team