A Wonderful thing happened to me this spring

By Marita Sanguinetti

A wonderful thing happened to me this spring.
I got to spend six days with Rowan, Sally and the amazing children at Free We Grow.
Actually I am in Dacres Wood right now.
I can ‘be’ here, in this ‘lived moment’, in the here and now, in this beautiful space, and the children remind me to be in the ‘here and now’, ‘to be’ with them fully, and with what ever appears.

The trees are full of singing birds and a distant train gets closer and speeds on by, and I think of how I have been warmly invited to…
‘Walk with me to check the wood’
‘Have a bowl of home made soup’,
‘Draw a picture for your friend’,
‘Sing with me’ and ‘speak Italian’,
‘Choose a job to do together’
‘Catch us and put us in the cauldron’,
‘Just go where ever you want to, where ever you wander”.

I wonder what would happen if all children could, play, move, breathe, be themselves and create as the children do here?.

Why walk when you can skip and wave your arms around and around?

What would happen if all children were considered in making important decisions
‘Where shall we eat today? How many agree?

Why wait until you have time? Do it now! ‘I can do it!’, ‘Mend this and make that.
‘I am a cat”
‘I’ll work it out all by myself’

Something really cool happened to me this spring time,
I went to Free We Grow and was asked to stay!
I am so happy to say,
” I will!”.