Winter at Dacres Wood

By Mariana and Vicky (Mariana’s daughter)
Winter’s ice descended on our plot of land

Along with frosty air and shiny frozen water

The sky is mostly gray but  not every day

The world around pretends to be dull and  still

And we drink lots of tea to chase away the chill

The meadow once got blanketed in white

A peaceful scene and a lovely sight

Under the parachute and near the fire

We play with sticks, frogs, logs and a tyre

But hey, the wind whispers secrets in the rustling leaves

Squirrels dance from the ground to high on trees

Kids’ laughter echoes through the burrows and the reeves

Exploration is the key to each and every door

In a magical world of wonders waiting in store

“Am I a dragon? Am I a baby? Are you a kitty?

Am I a ghost? Am I a fairy? Are you a wizard?”

In Dacres Wood, where everyone is free

We are able to be who we want to be

“Pass me my wand, I shall break the surface of this pond!

Beware! I will explode this planet and beyond!

Meow, meow, oh yeah, oh yeah, let’s drive from here to anywhere!”

Love of learning and nurturing imagination takes us on a quest

And in our check-outs we talk about everything, not just the best

Parts of the day as we run and play

Jumping and thumping in our unique ballet

We also explore the unknown and find more about ourselves

No matter how big or small, all of us grow like seeds sown

With connection, reflection, imagination and decision

Cohesion, truth, emotion and warmth

Around in a circle which may have a fire

A rose or a dandelion: the heart and soul of this community

We are Free We Grow and we are here together!

“Are you cold? Is it bare? Are you ok? Is it dry?

Do you need to hide?

Where is my hat and where did they go?

It’s muddy and I fell and it hurt me so

I tried really hard not to cry when you hurt my toe!”

“Pass me the talking stick, I am ready to lead

I have a direct response, I have a problem, I objected or agreed

I couldn’t sleep last night, my body aches, I had a nightmare!”

No matter what, we will find a way to make it fair

Our story is whole and finally completed

Let’s stick together and our circle will never be defeated!

Let’s discover the world and all it has to give:

Be children, full of dreams, so we may truly live.